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Coach Self's postgame comments
after Kansas 69, Nebraska 48
courtesy of Jack Alden

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"We played better than we shot it. We got a lot of good looks the first half, and the offense was good. But we made a lot of mental mistakes on out-of-bounds and stuff like that, and they got too many second shots. But other than that, our defense was pretty good and our offense was good enough. I was really pleased with the guys. We finished the game pretty good. They cut it to nine with about nine minutes left, and right about then Mario made a couple of huge shots. It’s great for us to win by 21 on the road with Rush only having six points. I wouldn’t have thought that could happen before the game. It’s just one of those deals. It’s just a whole bunch of different guys doing a little bit. Russell doesn’t score double figures, Mario makes some big shots, Hawk gets in there at 11 (pts), and other than that it’s just six, eight, four, two.... But they add up.

"We weren’t going to score 96 points on the road, and in their three-game winning streak teams have only averaged 51, so we kind of told ourselves that the first one to 60 wins today. Fortunately we were able to be the first one there.

"The first half, if you look at his stats, (Chalmers) didn’t shoot it well, and he had zero assists and three turnovers. But the second half, he and Russell controlled the game. And Hawk, on a night when Brandon was off a little bit. It was a good win, and the guys didn’t over-celebrate in the locker room. It was kind of a workmanlike attitude. So we’ll get home late tonight, get rested, and prepared for a team (Iowa State) that, at least the last two years, plays well in Allen Field House.

"We love playing in Allen. I’m sure it will be a juiced atmosphere, because the more these kids get better, the higher stakes the games become. They put themselves in a position where, there’s no guarantees, but the stakes could potentially be pretty high if we play really well the next Saturday – Monday, and we’ve got to do that.

"I love them. I like them because they know they don’t know, they want to be coached the way we do it, and they’re getting better. We’re not a great practice team, but you can just sense that they’re starting to understand what we think is important. There’s a lot of things these guys have gotten a lot better at in a short amount of time."

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