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Coach Self's postgame comments
after Kansas 95, Iowa State 85
courtesy of Jack Alden

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"Itís been a great week. The last time we were in this position we had a great win against Colorado, and we said that would be a key stretch with three games in five days, and we lost the next two. Hopefully weíve got a chance to go 3-0 now if we take care of business and beat Texas Tech. That would be a great reversal with a couple of them on the road. The guys had a great week.

"You can always say shoulda coulda, but theyíre not easy to come by. Thereís been a lot of really good KU teams that have come up to Hilton Coliseum and didnít fare as well as this team did today. This place can get rockiní, and with every great spurt they had, guys had an answer, and thatís the sign of guys stepping up and making plays. We did a good job. Coach Jankovich deserves a lot of credit for this one because we put in a new little deal to try to spread them against their match-up, and I think it was pretty effective. The guys executed pretty well, and we got the ball where we wanted it to go.

"I probably screwed the game up by not playing Russell the last eight minutes of the first half, but I just felt like we needed to get to halftime positively with him with two (fouls) because I knew the heat would come, and we needed him in the game. And man, did he play good to start the second half. And Mario played great. We had too many turnovers, but thatís young guys facing good pressure. Arizona and this are the best teams weíve seen this year as far as guys pressing. Itís okay to turn it over as long as you make them pay more than you turn it over, and today we did that. Mario played well, Brandon was 20 (pts) and 10 (reb), and you canít ask more than that of your #3 man. Julian did some really good things. He scares me to death, though. And Darnell came in and was rock solid for us. The guys are playing pretty well, and making free throws down the stretch. Weíre not playing as well mentally as we are physically right now, and weíve got to improve in that area. But this was a good, solid win, and hopefully weíll come back to an enthused Allen Field House and be ready to roll against The General on Monday.

"The zone didnít help us win the game, but it didnít hurt us. All it did was buy a little time. We just didnít want Russell to pick up his fourth foul.

"Against Texas A&M, (Julian) was scared to death. Today he was only half scared. Thatís a lot of pressure for him. He was nervous as could be about starting against A&M, but he had a calm look today. And maybe that was because it was an 11:00 start, so he didnít have time to get too worked up. Heís going to be such a good player. He can do so many good things. Heís such a good passer, but he dribbles it sometimes when he should pass it, and passes it when he should be shooting it. Sometimes the wires donít all connect for him to put it all together, but man, can he make some plays. Offensively he gets us lay-ups, and defensively he comes up with four huge blocks and some big rebounds for us. Heís going to be terrific."

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