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Coach Self's postgame comments
after Kansas 73, Kentucky 46
courtesy of Jack Alden

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"We played great. The players came out and they were poised, focused, yet had high intensity. They were at that magic level to start the game, and we had some good things happen early. We defended great. They beat us too many times on the glass, primarily in the second half. A lot of times we had the rebound and the ball went through our hands. But I never would have dreamed we’d hold Kentucky to 46 points. We got off to a big lead, our defense was really good the first half. They, fortunately for us, missed some shots, and we got out and ran. The first 25 minutes we ran great, and the last 15 we were just kind of icing it. I’m really proud of our players.

"We took care of the ball, and we did a great job of Rondo. Man, did we do a job on him, keeping him out of the lane. We did a good job on Sparks and Bradley, too, their three key guys. But we took care of the ball. We had 12 turnovers against guys who can really eat you up. That’s not bad.

"Brandon, as everybody knows, is very talented, but he has yet to put a game together where he excelled in all areas; shooting the basketball, creating off the bounce, rebounding the ball, and defending his man. He’s had games in which he was good in two of those four, or whatever. Today he was great in all four areas. He was aggressive, got his shot off the bounce, got it off the catch, and then, of course, he was the best rebounder in the game. He was totally dominant at both ends.

"Since we moved Russell to point, he’s played better. He only had one assist today, but he didn’t turn it over. And Rondo was guarding him. I thought Mario played very well. Mario got us off to a real good start. He got a couple of baskets early. But you look at those guards – five assists and one turnover for Mario, zero turnovers for Russell, Hawk’s back was bothering him and he had a couple of turnovers. But for the most part we took good care of the basketball. This was a game where we just spread it and drove it. When you’ve got a lead, they have to pressure. If we had been behind, we might have had to play a different mode, but it worked out good for us tonight.

"We’ll enjoy this tonight, but we’ve got to get ready to play the Buffs. One loss in non-conference, and I think they’re at Texas today. But they’re a very good team. We’ll play a better Colorado team than we’ve seen the last several years."

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