\Rock Chalk Zone: Nevada at KU, 12-1-05
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Coach Self's postgame comments
after Nevada 72, Kansas 70
courtesy of Jack Alden

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"They had a great player tonight; better than anybody else on the floor by a long ways. He was terrific, and we knew that, and we don't have a guy that can guard a player like that yet. But the biggest thing was we didn't come individually as ready early in the game, because we made so many silly plays. They're shooting layups in transition because we're not sorted and we're not matched up. It was just one bonafide mental mistake after another. Next thing you know you're behind the eight ball. We fought from behind all night long. We took the lead and were shooting free throws but came up empty. But Nevada's got a good ball club, and we were a good ball club the second half. Guys made a lot of good plays down the stretch to put us in this position. Then we couldn't execute it any better there at the end.

"We tried to foul sooner, and we did a poor job of denying. Then we let seconds go away by not fouling. I think Brandon thought he fouled, but we let about four or five seconds go away then. Micah made a big three to get us back to one. Since we weren't down three, we were going to drive it and hopefully get fouled, which is what everybody does. Hawk got the ball to C.J. at six inches. It looked like he got fouled. I'd have to watch it on tape.

"The zone helped us, except for rebounding. They got four points off of guys not jumping. Just waiting for somebody else to get the rebound. Aggressive players don't do that, so we've got to get a different mind set from an aggressive standpoint. But we did do some good things in the second half.

"Fouling. No reason to foul. We put them in the bonus early because we made a couple of silly fouls at 50 feet to start the second half. We gave them four points when Brandon grabbed Charlo for no reason, and Christian grabbed Fazekas. They don't have any offense. They're delaying the ball, and we foul. The same thing happened against Arkansas. I don't guess we're old enough or have enough experience yet to understand that. You can't foul! You've got to be sound in those situations, and quit giving them free points, because they weren't giving us any free points on the other end.

"I don't know if (Mario) is okay or not. He did something to his ankle. I don't know exactly what. That was an intentional, deliberate blow. They should have thrown the kid out of the game. That play disappoints me. That looked like a pretty malicious deal. But we got the two free throws. Then Hawk made a shot right after that. We had our chances, but we just didn't take full advantage of them.

"I think from a playing standpoint, we're getting better. Nevada scored 60 points tonight, and we let them have 72 just by bonehead plays. There's some good things that we're getting better at, but obviously there's a lot of breakdowns that we have to improve."

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