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Coach Self's postgame comments
after Arkansas 65, Kansas 61
courtesy of Jack Alden

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"We played better. We did a lot of things pretty good, but there were just too many unforced errors. And of course, you go 2-5 from the free throw line. We only got to the free throw line five times, and three of those misses were front-ends. Weíve got to do better. We had the game where we wanted it. We were up four or five in the second half, and then had careless turnovers. We turned it over when they didnít even do anything to us. We executed great down the stretch and had a chance, but we didnít get any stops defensively. Bad fouls and no stops, then we let a guy get wide open from 15 feet with the game on the line. Just got caught ball watching. Then we didnít execute out of the timeout. We had done a good job up to that point. We got the ball in the hands of the guy we wanted to go make a play, he gave it up, and we didnít have anything after that.

"We ran a back screen for Sasha to force help, got Brandon coming off C.J.ís fade screen into a pick-and-pop, but we ended up passing it. We didnít attack them. Brandon had the big guy on him. He didnít attack the lane. Then we didnít drive it. We tried to shoot it twice over big guys.

"C.J. took himself out of the game by fouling. Sasha got two the first half, and one of them was kind of an iffy call, but it was a foul. CJ got two early, also. Then C.J.ís two in the second half were because he was putting his hands on people. Weíve got to get better at that. But I thought Julian came into the game and did some nice things in the 21 minutes he played.

"You can go around the room and say everybody did some good things. Arkansas is good. Theyíre an NCAA tournament team. But we didnít do a good job on Brewer. We put C.J. on him late in the game, and then it was their least offensive player who hit the shot to beat us.

"Chaminade was in a close game with Michigan State at the half. I think it was tied right before half. And theyíll be ready to play, so our guys have to understand that youíve got to go out and get better each and every day, and better be excited to play tomorrow."

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