Coach Self's postgame comments
after Richmond 69, Kansas 68
courtesy of Jack Alden

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"The three-point shot is a great neutralizer in the game, and they hit 38%. We actually did a decent job guarding them at times, but we let #22 (Skrocki) get free in the second half. We put four different guys on him, and none of them guarded him very well. But even at that, youíre up four and shooting two free throws. You got to finish the game. We donít sort in transition and leave #25 (O'Malley) wide open for an uncontested three that cut it to one, and then we donít play a lick the rest of the way. Itís disappointing, but give them credit. Theyíre good. They were every bit as good as us tonight. I thought we played really hard; I thought we did some good things. We had a chance to blow the game open a couple of times, but really silly turnovers kept us from doing that. Weíre up nine with the ball, and our mistakes lead to them getting back in the game. We didnít attack the zone at all the last ten minutes, and then when we did, we didnít make our free throws. Thatís been a strength of our team, getting to the free throw line, but we shot the ball very poorly from the line.

"The thing about it is, when we executed poorly you got to get stops. When we quit playing offense, we quit playing defense, and thatís not the sign of a championship-caliber team. For us to get to that level, weíve got to do a much better job of getting stops on the defensive end when the gameís on the line.

"We can talk about individuals and we rebounded the ball better, but the bottom line is we had 18 turnovers against very little pressure. And we got after them pretty good, and they had 10. We missed a lot of bunnies early when we could have broken the game open. I donít want to say we didnít play, because that would be too strong. We did try hard, but they were just better there at the end, and we did a very poor job defending the last 11 seconds.

"I think any time you lose, it stinks. We were tested, and they got us. We knew we would be tested. The coaches knew coming in. You can watch tape, and you could see the way they play. If they make shots and if we donít attack their zone, then we could have a lot of problems. But if we would just make our free throws, we win the game. But thatís what happens when you let teams hang around. We didnít deliver the punch when we had a chance. But weíll learn from it and, hopefully, get better from it."

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