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Land of the free with license to kill.

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2 years 8 months ago #27265 by murphyslaw
It figures that if we can't change gun laws after the many mass shootings, and never mind that those often involved school children, our great, best-in-the world country can't bring itself to mandate masks and vaccinations.

I am angry and disheartened that any citizen can refuse to do what has proven effective against the pandemic, for whatever reason. What I hear yet what is unspoken is that these mean-spirited, fearful (?) of government control, selfish, stupid people basically have license to kill me.

I am furious at any administration who is is loathe to mandate masks, social distancing, and vaccinating. What the??!!??

I see my children, grandchildren, and great-grandson, and am grateful they were required to be vaccinated for polio. There is sadness, also, in remembering that my good friend in high school spent her last months in an iron lung. After she was hospitalized, I never saw her again. Her death came shortly before the Salk and then the Sabin vaccines were developed.

Someday soon, as we rapidly reach that dangerous level of Coronavirus infections again, what will we remember?

An oft-used phrase on this board used to be, "Where's the outrage??!!?? Oh, well.

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2 years 8 months ago #27266 by DocBlues
It is truly mind-boggling. The vaccine works. it's readily available and it is free. Yet, there are people who see it as some sort of threat. Of course, you are correct. By not getting vaccinated, these idiots are endangering the lives of others, as well as their own. All I can do is scratch my head.

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