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2 years 11 months ago #27118 by murphyslaw
First of all, I'm happy to know that the ban on the creature's posting on Facebook and Twitter remains, at least for the moment. He was kicked off the playgrounds because he couldn't play well with others.

Now, the only things we have to worry about are voting rights; LGBT rights; the gun lobby; Liz Cheney's being ousted from her position because she values the truth; the continuing absurd belief by many that the election was stolen; time and money spent on useless ballot recounts; people of color being shot, beaten, and harassed, not just by some on the police force but by citizens near them, and only because they ARE people of color; the crumbling reputation of the once proud and respected Republican Party; the creature's raising oodles and gobs of money, not always legally, to help him get back to unlimited presidential power; reuniting the thousands of immigrant children with their parents; and ultimately, the future of our democracy itself.

Did I leave anything out?
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