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Stupid, ignorant, or just hard-headed?

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3 years 2 days ago #27088 by murphyslaw
I'm trying to figure out why so many, including Rep. Jim Jordan, are fighting mandatory mask-wearing and other Covid-19 restrictions.

Ignorance could be ruled out because there is a plethora of science-backed information as to how we can recover from the pandemic.

I know several people who are intelligent yet refuse to wear a mask and who fearlessly go into bars and restaurants, and, yes, even one who went to Sturgis and helped spike the number of virus cases. So maybe we can rule out stupidity. Maybe.

Since being hard-headed runs in my family, I can imagine there are those who just naturally refuse anything directed by authority. But are there that many of our citizens so hard-headed that they would endanger the lives of others just to prove a point.? Who knows, but I hope not.

So, what is the real reason behind refusing to wear a mask, maintain social distancing, and avoiding large gatherings?

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