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Good try, Governor.

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3 years 2 weeks ago #26969 by murphyslaw
You've done your best to bring Kansas back from the dark ages of stupidity and stark incompetence, but as long as its citizens continue to vote Republicans into any position of importance, if you'll pardon the expression, intelligent people of America will continue to point at us and laugh.

Ignoring medical experts, the Legislature proudly revoked the Governor's mask mandate, sending many Kansans rushing madly into bars, restaurants, friends' homes, and grandma's living room, maskless and intoxicated with glee. (To be fair, these people probably refused to wear masks, anyway, and merchants have the option to continue their mandates. Good luck with that.)

Since March of 2020, I have become successful in side-stepping the occasional barefaced who cared nothing about my health. Now, until enough Americans get vaccinated that we achieve herd immunity, my cat must resume training me in the art of broken-field running.

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