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3 months 3 days ago #22846 by murphyslaw
If the many backward states eventually succeed in repealing Roe v Wade, they will never prevent abortions entirely. They will have reintroduced women to coat hanger or back alley methods. That is a fact.

I've been accused of seeing only one side of this issue even though my philosophy is to let a women make choices based on their individual situations. My belief is, if we haven't personally experienced a seriously/tragic unwanted pregnancy; if we haven't worked with women who have been impregnated by a relative or a rapist; or if we have seen what happens to women and men who've been abused due to being unwanted and unwelcome from birth, then how can we oppose abortion so vehemently?

I don't remember who wrote this, but I've saved it for years: "A sperm, an egg, a fertilized egg, and a fetus--all are life but none are a human being, just as a stem is not a flower. Your birthday is the day you came out of the womb, not the day you were conceived."
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