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Thank you, Kansas Surpreme Court

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3 months 3 weeks ago #22719 by murphyslaw
for ruling that a woman's rights under the State Constitution allow her to make her own decisions regarding her body...including decisions that include whether to continue a pregnancy.

Of course there is an abundance of gnashing of teeth and beating of breasts by those apposed to women's reproductive rights, and fervent vows to amend the State Constitution, but at long last Kansas may be rising from its dark shadows. My once proud State has been the butt of many jokes and considered backward due to its far, far right philosophy and its continued shoot-itself-in-the-foot legislative actions. The brutal murder of Dr. Tiller further tarnished its reputation. But for the moment, short though it may be, Kansas has shown a side we have not seen in years. I hope it maintains and enhances it.

As always, my position on women's rights is this: I would never tell a woman to have an abortion. Please don't ever tell a woman she cannot have one.
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