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Is this the Golden Era of KC Metro sports?

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5 years 10 months ago - 5 years 10 months ago #1438 by konza63
I'd love to know others' thoughts on this open-ended question.

As for me--someone who was born and raised in Kansas City (Kansas side), and who grew up a fervent Chiefs, Royals, and KU fan--I am literally feeling like I've gone to sports heaven these days! And I trust that I'm not alone in that sentiment. It's almost as if the buildup of negative sports karma over the years for the KC Metro* has boomeranged back as an exhilarating gift. A gift that has kept on giving for some time now and one that we can all hope continues to do so...

I know that some on this board are "merely" KU alums, with little to no allegiance beyond the school and its sports programs. But for those of us who grew up loving (or evolved to love) those 3 sports teams, it's been other-wordly of late. First, the Royals make an amazing run last year to get to the World Series for the first time since 1985. Then, for good measure, they dominate all season long in the AL this past season, then take care of business in epic fashion to win it all. The civic pride and sociological boost to the citizens and fans of KC was exceptionally palpable as I returned to watch the Royals' victory parade with 800,000 other blue-clad fans in November.

As if the sunshine-pumping machine just couldn't stop at that point, the 1-5 Chiefs proceeded to go on a ridiculous run, winning their final 10 games in a row to storm into the NFL playoffs as one of the most dangerous, balanced teams in the league. They could easily flame out in the first round, but they could just as easily continue their uncanny run and go all the way to the Super Bowl. One can dream of what might transpire...

Meanwhile, in the midst of that dramatic sports backdrop, our beloved Hawks rebound from the tough Michigan State loss to climb to the top of the polls for the first time since 2011...and on the same day as having done so proceed to defeat the #2 (Coaches Poll #1) team in the land in one of the most extraordinary games that Allen Field House has ever hosted. In so doing, KU has positioned itself as a team to be reckoned with--one that is steeling itself to make a very strong run at the truly extra-terrestrial accomplishment of 12 straight power conference championships, and could quite plausibly make a deep tournament run that could leave them standing when the Final Four teams are unveiled. Again, from there one can dream about what might transpire...

(I'm not a soccer fan, outside of the World Cup, but throw in Sporting KC's success and you put an added cherry on top of the argument)

Even if the Chiefs don't make a deep run and/or KU doesn't get to the FF, it seems like you could still make the case that the KC Metro has never in its sports history seen a confluence of multi-sport success like it has recently. I haven't done a systematic historical review on this, but here's my take based on sheer memory recall. The Chiefs' glory years (under Stram) preceded the Royals' notable ascendancy (from the mid-70s onward) after arriving just when the Red and Gold was hitting its apex (in '69-'70). From the mid-70s on, the Chiefs declined into the Lean Years, which coincided with the Royals' rise to prominence. (No two-sport confluence to be had) The KC Kings flirted with the playoffs a few years, but never advanced far and were never anything beyond Nate Archibald and a few supporting actors. The KC Scouts? Sadly, a mere, abysmal footnote of NHL history. In the meantime, KU provided the model of excellence and consistency, occasionally coinciding with some good years for the Chiefs (90's) and Royals (early 80s), but by and large KU was the model for excellence that never was conjoined with greatness by the professional baseball or football team--much less BOTH at the same time.

That's what makes the current context so exciting, delicious, and invigorating for any and all fans of the three combined teams. I point this out just to bask in it a bit--to take note of it, to punctuate it, to infuse it with hope that it leads to even a fleeting moniker at "TitleTown," and to raise a glass in toast to all of the franchises, the players and coaches and support networks behind them, and to the fans, citizens, and displaced citizens (hear, hear!) whose sports identity is deeply and forever conjoined with that great city in the heart of America. Keep it up, guys!!! Make us proud!

Curious how other KC Metro fans (whether born into that or evolved into it) feel about the present moment.


* In this case, I very much include KU as part of the KC Metro sports scene...since there are so many KU fans in KC, and KU basketball is by far the closest thing to an NBA franchise that the city has.

“With kindest regards to Dr. Forrest C. Allen, the father of basketball coaching, from the father of the game.”

1936 inscription on the portrait of Dr. Naismith, displayed above Phog Allen's office desk at KU.
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