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5 years 6 months ago #8164 by Wheatstate Gal
Saturday, a co-worker got married. At the reception, there was a VERY tall young man. After a cocktail, I walked over to him and said that for those of us who didn't know him we were wondering: Volleyball or Basketball?

Where do you play (thinking college)
I'm a senior at "some high school."
Are you going to play in college?
Yes, I've signed with UTEP.

He is 7' tall. I had NO IDEA how tall 7' is. (I'm 5' 10".....so I am no pee wee, myself)
Good student -- hope he makes good use of a ride to UTEP -- engineering?

I told him that I was a huge college basketball fan and that I'd follow his career and wished him well. Very nice young man.

Here is the part of the conversation that endeared me to him:

"The reason that I was so curious about where you play is that I am a big college basketball fan."
Oh yes, I'm a fan and an aluma of the University of Kansas.

I kid you NOT: the kid swooned. He audibly went "oh" got the hugest smile on his face and rolled his head back.

I have a new favorite, non-KU college athlete.

I went snooping on the UTEP athletics site. I had NO IDEA Tim Floyd was their coach......I wish I had known while I was chatting to the kid.

Ramon Silva is his name.....


We are commencing this week. 10,000 graduates. 8,000 of them are walking. The BEST time to be on a college campus, by far!
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5 years 6 months ago #8166 by Bayhawk

The end is nothing; the road is all.
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