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7 years 9 months ago - 7 years 9 months ago #65 by Sieverling
I was wrong. This system has 31, with multiple ways to get some of them. If you want to know how to do them, click "quote." You'll see the code(s) for each emoticon.

cool B) 8) 8-)
sad :-( :( :sad: :cry:
smile :) :-)
cheerful :cheer:
wink ;) ;-) :wink: ;-)
tongue :P :p :-p :-P :razz:
angry :angry: :mad:
unsure :unsure:
shocked :o :-o :O :-O :eek: :ohmy:
wassat :huh:
confused :? :-? :?:
erm :dry: :ermm:
grin :lol:
sick :X :x :sick:
silly :silly: :y32b4:
blink :blink:
blush :blush: :oops:
kissing :kiss:
blink :rolleyes: :roll:
woot :woohoo:
sideways :side:
dizzy :S :s
devil :evil: :twisted:
whistling :whistle:
pinch :pinch:
laughing :D :-D :grin: :laugh:
neutral :| :-| :neutral:
mr green :mrgreen:
exclamation :!:
arrow :arrow:
idea :idea:

Hic manebimus optime
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