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Leipold slams obnoxious tigger

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9 months 1 day ago #31442 by HawkErrant
As the tweeter noted, HC Lance Leipold put the wood to the #^%# tigger.
Oh my…
Copy & paste in your browser to watch Twitter video (Twitter account not needed).

Just in case you do not recall, mOO was in line to play KU in the Liberty Bowl last year, but opted to go for a much lesser bowl game instead,* resulting in KU playing Arkansas in one of the most exciting games of the bowl season (3rd best per CBSSports).

CBSSports ranks all 41 of the 2022-23 CFB bowl games

*The Gasparilla Bowl, v Wake Forest.
Less $ ($1.1M v $4.7M for the Liberty Bowl), perceived less prestige (the $ difference doesn’t help, and isn’t prestige all about perception?), and much lower ranked games, both before they were played and after, at least according to CBSSports.
GBowl: before #28; after #19
LBowl: before #18; after #3!

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8 months 2 weeks ago #31458 by AZhawk87
I wonder if that entire exchange was tongue in cheek. If not, the host should be embarrassed (he used to be a big time ESPN anchor - can't remember his name - who seems to have fallen from grace and is now an MU podcast host??).

Trying to make Leipold look stupid for not knowing the exact date of the game in two years? Really?

And Leipold's response was magnificent.

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