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Goff, Leipold -- Changing the culture (KUAD not just KUFB)

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3 months 2 weeks ago #27398 by HawkErrant
Jon Kirby (JayhawkSlant Football guru) today on changing the Culture in the KUAD - and not just in Football
The culture is changing in more than football (JayhawkSlant pay site)

Emphases in the following text are by me. HE

Good stuff.
Over the last couple weeks I have had a chance to visit with a lot of people who are very well connected. There have been a lot of meetings with donors and stakeholders.

I have talked to people around the University. You all can point back to this post and call me out if I am wrong, but things are changing at KU.

I want to start with Travis Goff. This was the absolute home run hire. Goff is what KU needed and he has already brought a different mentality to the athletic department. I have always had donors and fans tell me KU needs KU people in charge, or at least involved with the athletic department.

I tell them that's not true. They need smart KU people in charge, (not just) KU people. I don't always like to use the word impressive to describe people. Usually when I do someone said "I'm really impressed with him. He's impressive." I have heard that a lot about Goff over the last couple months and especially the last two weeks.

He's had the chance to get out in front of people and talk. These people have heard what his plan is, what needs to change, and his vision. I have had several calls from individuals who have met with him.

And the word is leaking from those close to the athletic department there is a new vibe and culture inside the walls. I don't come on here and say this just to post something. I say this because I believe because all of the people I trust are saying the same thing.

Goff has a passion for turning KU around and getting athletics to perform at a peak level. I say Goff was a home run hire, well he made his own home run hire in Jason Booker (also a KU grad - HE). The two will work very well together and Booker is an incredibly sharp person who understands the landscape of KU.

I think you will see a lot of marketing where KU starts going after the state. Let's face it in recent years those battles have belonged to KSU. At least from a perception standpoint.

In Leiplod's press conference he said they will play for the front of the jersey not the back. "We play for Kansas." This all about people who are working to make KU better and know how they need to get there.

I just get the universal feel everyone is on the same page going in the same direction. And there are very smart people taking them in the same direction.

We have heard a lot about how Leipold changes cultures in programs and that is one of his strengths. I know for a fact the culture is changing in the football program. And now it is changing in the athletic department.

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3 months 2 weeks ago #27401 by hoshi
I’m excited for the future.
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