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"Call HR" sign

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1 year 2 months ago #23659 by HawkErrant
(I tested the link without being signed in to the Slant, it should work for everyone.)

If you've had a chance to see any of the recent games, after a score you may have noticed the guys (especially the receivers) making a gesture that looks like they are telephoning someone.
They call it the "HR".

Various explanations offered for HR:
"Highlight Reel"?
"Human Resources" seems to be the favorite definition.

The hand gesture itself is described as telephoning... they wouldn't be punking the opposition after a score, would they?
As if saying "These defenders are toast, y'all need new personnel, better call HR"?
(Personally, I like it. Technically it could be considered taunting, but as long as they don't do it *at* an opposing player, I wouldn't think it would be any more of an issue than a "Gig 'em" or"Hook 'em Horns" hand signal issue.

I don't know...

I do like that the Defense guys holler "ATM" at each other, meaning get "All The Money", i.e. leave nothing behind (as Hasan Defense notes, need to hold on to those almost picks, guys!:pinch: )

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