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Coastal Carolina @ KU 6 PM Sep 7 only on ESPN+

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11 months 3 days ago #23461 by HawkErrant
If you have ESPN+ ($4.99.month) you can see almost anything KU: FB, hoops, HawkTalk, you name it. And the special series "Miles to Go - Les Miles and Kansas Football" is worth watching.

And once January is here you can unsubscribe if you want to until next fall when it starts up with KUFB again.
So September thru December -- $20 for 4 months -- and you get to see bunches of KU goodness.

NB: I do not represent or work for ESPN in any way. It's just a really good deal that I want every RCBer to be aware of so they the option to take advantage of it.


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11 months 2 days ago #23470 by Bayhawk

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