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Random Thoughts/Speculating on a New OC

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4 years 2 months ago #20588 by bklynhawk
It's been a week and it's been very quiet on who might replace Chip Lindsey. I don't see anything from any source on potential candidates. Usually, there at least a couple of items to fill a writer's quota. Nothing.

That's led me to start to wonder about what might be going on and have some random thoughts/speculations:
1. Coach Miles had a back up candidate from the original search who's ready to sign, but needs to work out some details. Probability: Medium. I'm sure a lot of the candidates have landed some where or have other offers that they are closing on, but Coach Miles seems to have some real loyal assistant coaches, former players, friends, etc. That might factor into this.
2. There is a plan to move forward with the current staff and either promote someone or have some kind of team of play callers? Probability: Medium. Several of the assistant coaches are former OC's and have held various roles in their careers which would make them capable of filling the OC position.
3. NFL route - some assistant coach is currently working on a playoff roster and can't sign until his team goes to the big game or loses this weekend. Probability: Low/Medium. I can't see an NFL OC taking a college job, so that's out. There might be a QB coach or offensive AC who would be up for the job and some how knows Coach Miles or is looking to move up from a junior role.

Would love to hear thoughts on this from RCBers...
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