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6 years 1 month ago #14185 by Wheatstate Gal
Getting the game on FS1.....the only enjoyment I was getting was the occasional campus view.

Decided cleaning house was a better use of time than watching TV.

Last I looked it was 35 - 7......I thought our receivers were never gonna catch one in the end zone.

Makes me sad.....such a beautiful place and another abysmal showing.

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6 years 1 month ago #14189 by Bayhawk
Same here. Sad day when chores are more appealing than KU sports.

Of course this could NEVER EVER EVER happen with bball,


The end is nothing; the road is all.
-- Jules Michelet

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6 years 1 month ago #14190 by Illhawk
Not long ago Washington and Washington State were as pathetic as what we saw yesterday. Last year the Huskies made the playoffs and this year WSU looks like they could.

I don't think anybody gets fired for a while ?

The last panic resulted in hiring FHCCW and he stole our millions while barely pretending to try.

It appears that as long as we draw $$$$ from Addias and the Big XII we can draw 20,000 fans to homecoming and finalize plans for the mega facilities upgrade that should solve everything.

Unlike hoops were two or three studs move a program from dismal to the bubble or beyond in football it takes 50-60 D I athletes who understand their assignments to beat a MAC team .

There are fast twitch play-makers out there who can show up on campus and star as teenagers. Not that many of them even visit Lawrence, until dressed for an opponent.

More typically a couple cycles of weights, spring ball .... are required as the depth chart gradually fills with kids who are no longer walking mismatches against the other conference teams . This is the third year in a coaching cycle that is making the Gottfried years look like a golden age. I suspect we have enough evidence that his lads just aren't ready , yet.

That irrational exuberance about a Bowl this summer seems like a fraud at this point. Why not admit that this will take a while and selling tickets isn't really that important to the short term business model?

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