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Hoops vs Pigskin

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1 year 7 months ago #29609 by AZhawk87
I see first hand now why football is still king, and will drive conf realignment.

KU hoops is a dynasty, and I enjoy it thoroughly. Last year was such a thrill. But besides the Final 4, the rest of college hoops has become, well, kind of a habit that I enjoy, but do without much thought anymore. I watch games, usually alone, while texting my friends. We get together to watch the tourney games, and have a great time. But the one and done, the investigation, the AAU recruiting machine, the long season, etc. have dulled my enthusiasm a bit.

KU Football has been horrendous for decades, but now starts 4-0 for the first time since 2009, and the campus is on fire, my friends are all planning a trip back to see a game, and we even all got together to watch Duke. Maybe in ten years when winning has become a given, I will be less enthusiastic about it. But for now, I'm all in and can't wait to see where Liepold takes this program.

Football reigns, basketball is the prince royal (or the King consort during March), and thankfully KU has both right now. I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

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1 year 7 months ago #29610 by CorpusJayhawk
I guess the tautological answer to why college football is more popular than college basketball is that it has more fans. over the years I have quizzed friends who are fans of both why they think football is more popular. Here are some of the answers

1. Each football games means a lot whereas each basketball game does not necessarily mean much.
2. Tailgating is a huge part of the football experience.
3. Football is in the fall and better weather and the shared outdoor experience and watch parties is more robust.
4. Football has the advantage of owning Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years.
5. Deeper roots and longer tradition.
6. Too many NCAA Div 1 basketball teams dilutes the product.
7. Football games are events, basketball games are games.
8. Football is not diluted by title IX
9. Football is weekends and gives better feel and anticipation vs. basketball any given night.
10. Football Saturdays (sort of like 3, 7 and 9 combined)

All of these make sense to me. I am a college basketball fan mostly because I am a KU fan and KU is the bluest of Blue Blood in basketball. But I see and understand the thoughts of those who lean to football. I am having a blast with KU's football success this season. Over the years I have simply developed a much greater affinity for basketball than football but when I talk to people I do very much see their viewpoints. Just this week I was playing golf with a young man who played basketball at Oklahoma St. I asked him the same question because he is more of a football fan of OSU than basketball. Although he did say his favorite sporting event is the NCAA tournament. I would be interested if anyone has heard other reasons why football is generally more popular than basketball to add to my list.

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1 year 7 months ago #29611 by hairyhawk
I am not sure other than each game in football is an event compared to basketball where each game is less of an event. I know that has already been mentioned but I think that is the biggest thing. Maybe the violence of football is part of it. I really do not know.

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