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OT: ? about Money and Conf Realignment

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4 days 12 hours ago #27758 by RobS
First, I apologize for rarely posting these days. Family is taking priority and I'm not watching college basketball much these days. But I lurk here regularly.

Now to my question about conference realignment: what is the point of getting more money when the sports teams (football mainly) will be a perpetual loser in the new league? I.E. UT football hasn't been able to win the Big12 since 2009 and it seems likely that in the SEC they'll continually get spanked like a red-headed stepchild who just broke the cookie jar. What is the point of the money if you won't be winning? They need more money to pay coaches for losing? Do the schools (education-side of the school, that is) get enough (anything?) from the athletic programs to the money worth the losses?

In some cases, basketball could play a part but I don't think UT is moving for basketball.

For OU, they've dominated Big12 football for the last several years (don't know about this year), so maybe they're looking for better competition to prep them for BCS bowls.? But do they really think they'll be in the running for those bowls as often as they are now?

Anyway, I'm interested in your thoughts. Thanks

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