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My 5 keys to the game (and season)

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1 month 3 weeks ago #25847 by CorpusJayhawk
1. Can KU's defense continue the excellence from last season. Losing Udoka is a huge blow defensively. But Big Dave has received rave reviews and hopes are high. Defense will be a key to our success this season. Watch for the switching on the perimeter. I would suspect that Big Dave will stay in the paint and not play as much on the perimeter as Dok did, but we'll see. In any case, I had KU ranked as the 2nd best defense last season behind Virginia. If we can keep that intensity and ability, it will go a long way to making this a very fun and rewarding season.

2. Will we be a better perimeter shooting team this season. That is a huge question. But being decent will be good enough if we can do point 3. KU had no real and true 3 point assassin last season save for Christian Braun and he didn't shoot often. As I said, I really don't think we need to be a great 3 point shooting team, but we need to be above average. Braun may be the key if he can channel his inner Hinrich and shoot 45% or better.

3. Look for our guys to attack the basket with vigor. No one is as quick and effective at getting by his man than Devon was. But Marcus may not have that lightning first step but he is crafty and can get to the rim effectively. Christian was a little reluctant early last year but started attacking the rim later. Look for him to join that rim party. And supposedly Tyon can really get to the rim. And we know Tristan can in the right circumstances. I think attacking the rim may be our go to play this year. There are areas where Dok was clearly superior to Big Dave such as low post scoring and agile perimeter defense. But Big Dave was and is a better screener. Look for this skill to be on display and a key to his game as his mates attack the basket with abandon.

4. Ball-handling will be another key. I have a good feeling about this team but that is a huge issue. Ochai was not a good ball-handler last season. Christian was good for the most part. I think Marcus will be better in that regard than Devon, but we need strong ball-handling across the board. Ochai apparently worked on this part of his game all summer. This will be a key. In 2 of our 3 losses last season, turnovers were the single biggest cause for the loss. We should be better this season.

5. Finally, rebounding. This could be our Achilles heel. Big Dave was not a great rebounder last season. He will need to stay home in the paint and attack the boards. I am going out on a limb and saying that Christian Braun will be 2nd on the team in rebounding this season. The dude has keen sense of the ball and he has active feet. But we need all our 4 guards to be in the game rebounding. If we rebound well we win.

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