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Kansas basketball: The Jayhawks will face some adversity in the Big 12

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3 months 1 week ago #25767 by gorillahawk
Kansas basketball: The Jayhawks will face some adversity in the Big 12

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3 months 1 week ago - 3 months 1 week ago #25768 by CorpusJayhawk
As this article correctly points out, the Big 12 as a whole was a bit down last season. But was still decent, ranking 3rd of the power 6. But seriously, when has the Big 12 not been a dangerous place to ball for all teams? It is brutal, and especially so for the Jayhawks. Just like Kentucky in the SEC and Duke in the ACC and I think to a lesser extent Michigan St. in the Big 10, Kansas is always the prime target for every other school in the Big 12. I I wouldn't have it any other way. I do not think it is wrong or overstated to say that the average KU opponent plays above their average for the season when they play the Jayhawks. We may catch a break here and there when an opponent is off kilter a wee bit but much more often we get a hyped up souped up version of these teams. And the crowds in opponents arena's a a few decibels louder when KU is in town. So it is always a tough trek for KU through the Big 12. This season, Baylor is truly scary. They are loaded. West Virginia is also returning the core. Texas Tech is ranked highly but they are a little more unknown. But Beard is a helluva coach.

KU Intangibles
1. Great senior leadership -- This is one of the strongest senior classes in terms of leadership. Mason and Lucas was solid and we have had many over the years. Svi and Devonte' was great. Marcus and Mitch are stellar and hopefully De Sousa can help there as well.

2. Smart Play -- We have had great athletes that were not exactly smart players (not impugning their intellect so much as basketball acumen), think LaGerald Vick. But we will be loaded with savvy players this season. I loved Landon Lucas type players. Marcus Garrett is super savvy, Braun is savvy, Mitch is savvy, and word on both Bryce Thompson and Tyon Grant-Foster is they are heady players. Throw in Wilson and Harris with a year of redshirt.

3. Experience -- It is entirely possible we could not start a true freshman. This could be a lineup dominated by sophs, jrs and srs. Bryce Thompson may be the only true freshman to get significant minutes.

I think this will be a fantastic Big 12 season with up to 5 teams realistically in the hunt. How fun will that be?

BTW, thanks to Gorillahawk for keeping the posts coming. Appreciate it.

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