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Self gives props to Jalen Wilson

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2 weeks 6 days ago #25757 by CorpusJayhawk
KU truly has a plethora of wing players this season and none are carbon copies. Each brings something different to the fore. Self will have his work cut out figuring who will get the minutes.

Ochai Agbaji is the more or less 2 year starter who should be at the top of the heap. But he will surely have a lot of competition. Ochai has not been an outstanding shooter either in terms of a quick release, finding his own shot, or FG%. My personal opinion is that he has been average in all of those categories. He is a strong defensive player, mostly from athleticism. He has been a below average ball handler. That has not been a huge issue with the likes of Devon Dotson and Marcus Garrett taking the lion share of the ball-handling. But it could hurt him this season if it is not improved. I'd still bet he is a starter but it is not a guarantee.

Christian Braun had a strong freshman season and showed some real signs of being ready for more significant role. His shooting was great from a FG% standpoint. His ball-handling was good for a freshman and his court awareness was excellent. His defense was pretty good but often freshmanlike. He also showed the ability to drive to the basket. He could be one of the surprises this season to the upside. I am not sure if he gets into the starting lineup but I would bet on significant minutes.

Tristan Enaruna showed some flashes last season but posed a lot of questions as well. His decision making was his Achilles Heel. He is a gambler and it did not work against a-list college players. He surely has the athletic tools to be a contributor but his shooting was inconsistent. I like Tristan and think he will round out at some point I don't think it will be this season. But I could be wrong.

Marcus Garrett is set to run the point so he will have fewer minutes as a wing. Of course, if Dajuan Harris comes on and surprises to the upside that could change. Wherever Marcus is, he will lead the team in minutes played and be valuable wherever he is. Too bad this young man can''t shoot the three because he is dynamic otherwise. Maybe he will have developed a shot by the start of this, his senior season. Let's hope.

Jalen Wilson is a bit of an unknown. Self has given him some praise thus far through the 1st week of boot camp. He certainly has the size at 6'8". He could be a bench warmer or he could be a starter. There is that much spread. Or, Self could find a way to spread minutes to 9 players. I am cautiously excited about Jalen and sort of hope he emerges as a true weapon.

Dajuan Harris is likely to be backup PG with limited minutes. But as an unknown, that could change. I don;t see him getting many minutes on the wing unless he shows he can hit 45% from 3 consistently or is a all NCAA lockdown defender.

Bryce Thompson is the highest recruit of all of the wings. He is a true wing player and at 6'6" reportedly, has good size and supposedly very athletic. Given his high recruiting and potential, he is the odds on favorite for a wing starting spot. But if his defense is lacking, look for him to come off the bench.

Tyon Grant-Foster has certainly had some accolades from a number of sources, including Bill Self. He apparently has a slight injury (ankle I think) and has not been able to go 100% yet. But given his resume and experience, he is an odds on favorite to get the starting nod. alongside, Marcus, Ochai and Bryce. But as with Bryce, if his defense is lacking, he could find the beck real quickly with the quality we have waiting in the wings (pun intended).

Latrell Josell is a lightly recruited frosh. Given the proven performers we have, I can't see him finding the court much this season.

9 wing players and at least 8 of them with reasonable opportunity to find significant court time.

Ball handling
Marcus followed by Dajuan and then probably Christian or Bryce after that.

Shooting 3's
Christian is the man to beat. But Jalen, Bryce and Tyon may all show they are worthy. Ochai also could push 40%

Christian showed an incredible ball awareness or nose for the ball, if you will. But Tyon and Jalen have great size as does Tristan. Bryce couldbe there and Marcus is a scrappy rebounder.

Marcus will have the ball in his hands and is deceptively good at driving, especially to his right but can go either way. Christian has the chutzpah but needs to develop the finishing skill. Ochai has not heretofore had the ball-handling to be effective. Apparently Bryce and Tyon both have the rep for being finishers at the rim.

Of course Marcus is the reigning National Defensive Player of the Year. None of the others have shown lock-down defense but given Self and Co's ability to teach team defense, you can bet that whoever gets minutes will be effective.

Don't worry about the mules, just load the wagon!!
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2 weeks 5 days ago #25761 by gorillahawk
New-look Jalen Wilson one of a few early standouts at Kansas basketball boot camp

“Yeah, he looks great,” KU coach Bill Self said Saturday during halftime of the KU football team’s home loss to Oklahoma State. “He’s a good looking kid. He cut all of his hair off, he’s lost 15 pounds probably, he looks really good.”

< www2.kusports.com/news/2020/oct/05/new-l...ans/?mens_basketball >
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