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Who will start and play next season.

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1 week 6 days ago #25286 by CorpusJayhawk
I guess it is time to start anticipating next season.

1. Self has mostly interchangeable parts in the backcourt and front court with the possible exception of the point guard.
2. Self will likely lean strongly to a 4 guard lineup calling the wings guards for this purpose.
3. Self will lean to an 8 man rotation with 7 of those dominating the minutes

David McCormack
Mitch Lightfoot
Silvio De Sousa
Gethro Muscadin

Possible Point Guards
Marcus Garrett
Christian Braun
Dajuan Harris
Latrell Jossell

Wing Guards
Ochai Agbaji
Tyon Grant-Foster
Bryce Thompson
Jalen Wilson
Tristan Enaruna

Projected Starting 5
PG: Marcus Garrett -- Marcus is capable of playing PG and I think the most capable of the 4 possible PG's. DaJuan is an unknown and could always surprise but it would be a surprise if he earns a starting slot.

WG: Bryce Thompson -- Gotta go with our 5-star McD AA. Christian could push him here but I am assuming he will be the most talented candidate.

WF: Ochai Agbaji -- I personally am not sold that he is the guy but Self seems to be and that is the only vote that matters. Can't imagine Willson, Enaruna or Braun beating him out, although I would not be shocked if Braun or Wilson worked their way into the starting slot.

WF: Tyon Grant-Foster -- From all the scuttlebutt, this young man may be the go-to guy next season. He will have the edge in experience and is supposedly a serious talent.

C: David McCormack -- Big Dave seems to be the one guy who has no serious competition. Maybe Marcus as well. I suppose De Sousa can work his butt off in the off-season and emerge. But Dave seems to be the lock for the starting Big. Mitch is just not big enough to get those starters minutes.

Bench: I simply don't see Muscadin and Jossell having much chance at minutes. I would guess they redshirt. With 1 big in the lineup and Muscadin being the 5th big in line, there are no minutes. Same with Jossell. He is likely 9th in line for 4 starting positions and 2 backups. So I will count them out. There will likely be 1 big coming off the bench primarily but certainly 2 will get minutes. There will likely be 2 wings coming off the bench with a third getting minimal minutes. It seems to me that Braun has to the first wing off the bench especially if he ends up being the backup PG for Marcus. But is he really capable of being the spot PG? Will we need a true PG in DaJuan to back hp Marcus? That is a question. I am going to go with Braun being the backup PG plus, he can be a wing. So I say Braun is the first wing off the bench. That leaves Jalen, Tristan and DaJuan for the 2nd bench wing. That is the toughest of all positions for me to pick. All three could make arguments. My guess is that the one who plays the best defense and/or is clearly the best shooter from range will get the nod. Just to pick one, I will say that Jalen will be the 2nd wing off the bench. In my mind, Mitch will be the clear 1st big off the bench. Self can scheme for 10-15 minutes to get effective defense with a smaller lineup which we would have with Mitch in the lineup. But De Sousa will likely be the spot big to come in for foul trouble or what not. So my bench looks like this

PG: Christian Braun
WG: Jalen Wilson
F: Mitch Lightfoot

Minimal minutes
Silvio De Sousa
Tristan Enaruna
DaJuan Harris

Gethro Muscadin
Latrell Jossell

What think you?

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