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History Lesson

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5 years 3 months ago #1765 by NotOstertag
Nothing good to say about last night's game. We just got beat by a team who wanted it more.

This was, however, not unprecedented for this time of year. We've typically had total crap games that served as a wakeup call, and in the past 11 years, it hasn't kept us from winning the conference. To wit:

>Our second loss last year was a 25 point drubbing at Temple. We went on to win the conference despite losing @ISU, @OSU, @WVU, @KSU, and @OU.

>In 2013-14, we lost 3 out of 4 games between 11/29 - 12/10 and entered the conference race with 4 losses. We lost 4 more conference games, and were still conference champs.

>In 2012-13, we lost 3 straight (OSU, @TCU, @OU) and fell to 7-3 in the conference in February. We still won it.

I could go on, but history shows that the conference race has NEVER been decided by the 4th game in the league. We weren't favoured to win, and even if we'd played to our potential, it would have been a tough game. Let's see how WVU does this weekend at OU before we hit the panic button. This stuff happens, and we have a pretty good history of bouncing back.

To me, this loss accomplishes a couple of things:
1.) demonstrates to the young guys (and reminds the veterans) that not only does every game matter, but every possession matters. Anything less than 100% effort can bite you in the butt.
2.) Points out some obvious weaknesses: can't let guys drive into the lane, can't rely on Perry to body up on more physical guys, everyone must protect the ball better, etc. Lots of good material for HCBS and the staff to emphasize at the next practices.

One thing that I think will help us moving forward is getting Bragg and Diallo online. Bragg played some significant minutes last night, as did Diallo (could say the same about Svi as well). While they didn't accomplish much, I do think that over the next 3 weeks you'll see them increase their minutes as the finally figure out what's going on. In the end, both Diallo and Bragg are more athletically gifted than Mickleson and Lucas, but their skill level and execution is still coming along. As with "let down games" like this, we've seen this story before. sometime in the next month, either Bragg and/or Diallo will suddenly appear as more reliable contributors, and we'll get better.

We've got a really good team with plenty of room to get better.

STILL more conference championships than home losses
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5 years 3 months ago #1771 by Bayhawk
Thanks NotO,


The end is nothing; the road is all.
-- Jules Michelet

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5 years 3 months ago #1776 by Illhawk
After three dismal Marches I know I'm not the only one hoping this March resembles 2008 more than 2013, 2014 or 2015.

I went back an looked at our loses that season. All three of them were in conference on the road. Kansas State had lost MANY games in a row to us in Manhattan. Michael Beasley had a big game and were got drilled 84-75.

Texas was really good and beat us by by three. The rematch in Kansas City was a rock fight.

And in late February an OSU team with twelve loses edged us by one.

I buy into the notion that teams periodically need to embarrass themselves so they refocus and improve. There should be a three way tie at 4-1 after Saturday. At that point it comes down to who, keeps getting better, adjusts to match-ups and jells.

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5 years 3 months ago #1807 by hairyhawk
I disagree on Bragg. I see his biggest weakness as his weakness. He is young and has not filled out yet and he is tall. His center of gravity is high which gives him poor leverage. He can't move people off the block and he can get moved. I am not knocking the guy as I think he has great basketball ability. I just do not see him developing what I see as his biggest weakness during the season. I am not saying he won't improve just that an off season of weight training will help him the most.

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