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Watching BU @tu

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2 weeks 23 hours ago #24810 by HawkErrant
My impressions are ...

1. Except for the fact that they keep winning, BU is just not impressive. Yikes, the O is horrible. 9:34 to go and just 40 points? Luckily tu is worse (27). Great D, tho, credit >gag< to their coach and the guys buying in.

2. I am convinced that the reason Shaka Smart moved to Texas is that he knew he was a fraud, but the tu fans really wouldn’t give a flip because hey, it ain’t football. While the horns play decent D, their O is truly horrendous. EVERYTHING is one on one, there is often little to no motion, passing the ball goes on until some guy decides he’s the next Allen Iverson and then reverts to 1-1 play. It happens *every* play. And hey — there’s no Durant or Iverson or any other talent to carry and possibly rescue this team, or this coach.

What’s Tom Penders doing these days? Things truly can’t be worse for tu.

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2 weeks 13 hours ago #24811 by NotOstertag
I was thinking the same thing and it just made me furious that they beat us in Lawrence. In that game, I felt like despite getting behind, the team somehow 'assumed' that they'd be able to reel them in and it never happened.

Bottom line, after what I saw last night, there's no way they'll run the gauntlet of WVU twice and one more shot at KU unscathed.

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2 weeks 10 hours ago #24812 by newtonhawk
Good observations.

I keep wondering when Drew is going to fold like a cheap blanket as he has managed to do in the past. He has always had talent, but they have found a way to squander it in the past. I was really hoping that last night would be the tipping point. The pieces he has this year seem to be more capable, but I just find it hard to think they will go through conference play with fewer than 3 or 4 losses solely on the basis of his coaching. I believe Drew knows they are walking a fine line so hopefully it is only a matter of time before they fall.

Quote of the day - from Luke in the "Reaction" section of the article on Yahoo Sports - "Ray Charles can shoot better than Texas.":lol:

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