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Updated Big 12 Standings based on DPPI

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2 weeks 1 day ago - 2 weeks 1 day ago #24809 by CorpusJayhawk
Baylor has a solid lead for the Big 12 based on the DPPI. That Baylor win in Lawrence is looming larger and larger. A KU win in Waco is looking more and more necessary. Baylor has a projected 15.5 wins to KU's 14.6. We made up a little ground this last game because Baylor played 10.5 points below expectation in their win over Oklahoma St. and the Jayhawks played 3.5 points above expectation in their win against TCU. Baylor is only a 2.2 point favorite on the road against Texas tonight. That game could go either way. Unfortunately, Kansas is a 4.7 point underdog against WVU in Morgantown on Wednesday. Game 11 this week in the Big 12 is a great chance for Kansas to catch Baylor. It could just as easily end up with KU being 2 games back.

KU & Baylor being tied after round 11: 12.8%
KU Trailing Baylor by 1 game: 47.0%
KU Trailing Baylor by 2 games: 40.2%

Prob of KU gaining a game on Baylor
Round 11: 12.8%
Round 12: 19.8%
Round 13: 50.5%
Round 14: 21.2%
Round 15: 3.1%
Round 16: 18.2%
Round 17: 14.8%
Round 18: 29.6%

Here are the links

Big 12 Charts

Big 12 Tables


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