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Just load the wagon

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4 weeks 1 day ago #24637 by NotOstertag
Self has often referred to his dad's quote, "don't worry about the horses, just load the wagon."

Tonight reminds me of the times my dad would tell my brother and me that he wanted to "move the woodpile."

Moving the woodpile was a pain in the butt. A pointless task of transferring a couple cords of wood from one side of the yard to the other for reasons I still don't understand.

Nevertheless, it was a straightforward job: move this stuff from HERE to THERE. Get the wheelbarrow, load it, move it, stack it. We'd alternate who was the 'mover' and who was the 'stacker' and in an hour or so, we'd be released to go enjoy our Saturday.

That's what tonight felt like. Just get the win. Score more than the other guys, and get on the bus. Braun and Moss had good games, but it was a workmanlike effort. No sportcenter highlights (maybe Agbaji's lob that went in?), but we avoided a loss when we were shorthanded, and now we have until Saturday to get back to normal.

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