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Really interesting take on injuries

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6 days 5 hours ago #23232 by hoshi
Found this article interesting.
Looking back on some of the players that have not lived up to expectations and wonder if this might be the cause. Injuries and burn-out. I thinking of Grimes this last year.
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6 days 4 hours ago #23233 by CorpusJayhawk
Thanks for posting. It was an interesting article. I am generally loathe to pass on unsubstantiated hearsay. I did hear from a quasi-substantiated source (an athletic trainer in The Woodlands Texas) who is indirectly “in the know” to some degree about Grimes. He was pretty strongly in the camp that Grimes suffered from a malady called laziness. Not the kind of run of the mill laziness where he wouldn’t do the dishes or clean his room but that lack of willingness to do the elite level of training that was required at this level. He is like many young men who excelled through high school on pure superior talent. But when you get to D1 talent alone is not enough. From what he was telling me, Grimes seemed like the “anti” Frank Mason Jr. Frank will never be accused of having elite level talent, but few have ever worked as hard and heeded coaching as much as Frank. I have no indication that Quentin was in any way less than a fine young man. The point I am making is he simply did not exhibit the discipline to work to the level that is needed to be a top level D1 player. I wish him luck at HOuston, but after my conversation with my friend in The Woodlands, I was pretty sour on Quentin coming back to Kansas. Give me a lesser raw talent with a burning fire in the belly and a humble coachable demeanor any day.

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5 days 9 hours ago #23242 by hairyhawk
I think the point of the article is very true. Over specializing at a young age is not good for the body. Over develop some muscles while under develop others. That is not good for a long healthy life.

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