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Jayhawk Sighting?

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1 year 3 weeks ago #23068 by Wheatstate Gal
So, I’m at the grocery store yesterday and follow 2 very tall young men into the store. Unfortunately, I was the only one in the store who seemed star struck, so I couldn’t easily get in their faces to identify. One was maybe 6’4” and the other maybe 6’8” or so. Didn’t look big enough to be Udokz or David...what I could glimpse of the face, didn’t look like Silvio.....probably weren’t even Jayhawks. They were in the spice/baking aisle...I was not.

However the BEST observation was they got out of a older, much older Chevy Malibu. Sooooooo happy to see, possible Jayhawks, driving a regular college kids car......not something that costs over $50K!

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1 year 3 weeks ago #23070 by HawkErrant
Could be footballers, too, Wheaty.
Or even baseball players.

Or even just plain students without the "-athlete" attached to their descriptors.

Should have asked for photos, girl!

JK on that last one! I *never* bug folks I recognize -- or at least think I recognize -- in public other than to say hi to acknowledge them *if* the situation warrants. Recognizing Tommy Lee Jones in his favorite San Antonio restaurant ("Do Not Approach" aura around him), Johnny Unitas in San Francisco International Airport in the late 1980s (he was all smiles until he saw I recognized him, so I just smiled back and turned back to my friend I was seeing off), crossing paths with Danny in AFH (a nod and a smile, which were returned), or Self on a walk ("Hi, Coach" and a quick bon mots from HCBS) or even former FB Coach David Beaty.

Funny story with Beaty. He and I were the line at a slow time at Wal-Mart and I said "Hi, Coach" because I wanted to ask him if he was related to a Scott Beaty, an Army Colonel who I worked for in San Antonio in the mid-90s. They look a lot alike (after allowing for the age difference), last name spelled the same, both Dallas area guys. David didn't think so, but admitted he wouldn't be surprised if they were related.

But I digress... but that's what life comes down to at the end, eh? Memories. Hopefully lots and lots of really, really good memories of really wonderful people and places and things.

Thanks for the "trip" stimulus, Wheaty! Rock Chalk!

“The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil but because of the people who don’t do anything about it” ~Albert Einstein

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