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Matt Tait after today's camp game

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1 year 1 month ago #23040 by HawkErrant
Quick thoughts from today's #KUbball camp game:

Devon's shot/range have improved; Silvio's going to be a monster; Dok hit two 15-foot jumpers & finished at the rim with his left; Enaruna could be a steal; Braun & McBride are the new Devonte' & Svi, 4-year guys KU fans will love

5:30 PM - 11 Jun 2019

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1 year 1 month ago #23042 by porthawk
Can you ask for anything better than that analysis...wow!

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1 year 1 month ago #23043 by NotOstertag
Good stuff. KUSports.com has a video highlight reel from the scrimmage. It's pretty hard to gauge anything from it as the defense is, let's say, "lacking" somewhat. :dry:

Nevertheless, it sounds like Silvio has a chip on his shoulder and apparently wants to show the world what he can do. They tried to rotate him out at one point in the scrimmage and apparently he refused to get off the floor. Good for you Silvio!

Thanks for posting as I wouldn't have picked up on that level of detail just watching the highlights.

STILL more conference championships than home losses

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1 year 1 month ago - 1 year 1 month ago #23044 by CorpusJayhawk
My thoughts over the last 60 days regarding next season have varied from abject resignation to enthusiastic hope. If you listed the things that needed to happen in order of priority for optimism toward next season, one could arguably say that we accomplished the top 3 and possibly the top 6. I’m not going to try to prioritize the top three but for me they were keeping Azubuike and Dotson and restoring De Sousa. Losing Precious and Hurt were far less meaningful than getting De Sousa back in my assessment. In fact, I think either Precious or Hurt would have been at best the third front court option and possibly the 4th if Big Dave emerges. So neither was that critical to the team. Clearly the 4th most important factor was beefing up the backcourt perimeter shooting. That had to partially come from Dotson improving. But we clearly needed a new body to put pressure on Agbaji and Garrett. Moss may not have been the 1st option but at the end of the day, I am very excited about him. We will be an inside first team and we do not need a guy that needs 20 shots a game on the perimeter. We need a guy that is happy with 5 or 6 in 30 minutes and who can play solid defense. Moss seems to be a very nice fit for this team. So check off item 4. Items 5 and 6 were filling the hole at the three with multi-dimensional player. This one is he most iffy but everything I have read about Enaruna says he has the potential to be the biggest recruiting steal in the country. And given the type of player we need at the 3, he may be absolutely ideal. Of course if we get Wilson (soon the hear) we will just increase our chances of effectively filling the three slot. My personal assessment is that Agbaji and Garrett are simply not starter quality players on a true Final Four championship caliber team. Both are great bench players but you need that right mix of talent on the floor in crunch time. I really like what I see in Enaruna and the thought of a starting 5 of Dotson, Moss, Enaruna, De Sousa and Azubuike is definitely an exciting and optimistic one. When you have players like Garrett and Agbaji able to come off the bench you know you are in good shape. Count me as emerging optimist for next season. This looks to be a balanced and ‘the whole better than the sum of the parts” team. Me likey!!!

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