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Silvio still in limbo with NCAA

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3 months 4 days ago - 3 months 2 days ago #22838 by HawkErrant
Today is the start of Week 5.

I cannot believe that a decision has not already been reached.
If not, what do they still need and why haven't we heard about it from KU in way of explaining the delay?

But a question -- does the committee publicly announce its result, or does it submit it to the NCAA for publishing?

If the latter, it doesn't have to be the committee that is holding things up.

They could already have their decision in to the NCAA, and the NCAA may just be waiting for the deadline to pass without Silvio withdrawing so they can pocket the decision without any further embarrassment.

Think about it. If the appeals committee upheld the NCAA ruling there would be no further embarrassment to the NCAA proper, its decision would be supported by the independent appeal committee. Accordingly the announcement would be out, reinforcing NCAA Enforcement's decision and strengthening its continuing "rule by whim".

So assuming the decision has been made, the only reason for delay is because the appeal is approved. But if Silvio stays in the draft, thereby ending his eligibility, the issue becomes moot and the decision doesn't have to be published.

And if the decision has not been made, why the holdup? Especially when his attorney, who reportedly has an excellent track record representing student athletes with the NCAA, thought his was a strong case? Is the committee itself waiting for midnight EDT May 29 so it doesn’t have to rule on the appeal?

Which is why even though it would eliminate his NBA options for this year, SDS should withdraw NLT May 29 if the NCAA has not published the results. He can still go overseas to play, make more $ than in the G league, NBA scouts would be keeping an eye on him and he'd be closer to home. It's not like he's a US kid who's never been anywhere before college and only speaks one language.

SDS gave the NCAA a Get Out of Jail Free card with his "Yea/Stay - No/Go" comment, and the NCAA is going to play it.
His only leverage to get a ruling published is to withdraw his name from the draft.

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3 months 4 days ago #22839 by NotOstertag
I was thinking the same thing. Wouldn't be the first time the NCAA slow played things to get what they wanted. They did the same to Billy Preston.

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