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1 week 5 hours ago #21933 by Wheatstate Gal
Zion ( the second coming of LeBron or Jesus, I forget which) wore custom made shoes last night. Krtynplkdski announced that immediately following Zion’s nearly fatal shoe blowout accident, Nike rushed their TOP elves to N.C. to measure his feet and make him some special (personally blessed by the Pope) CUSTOM shoes for his triumphant return to the court.

Now, I know the kid could have suffered a career ending injury; I wouldn’t want that.....don’t dislike the kid, just all the Duke “bottom-kissing” by the media......but I DO wonder, what if some kid playing for Benedictine College Had the same blowout? Would we know?
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1 week 3 hours ago #21941 by NotOstertag
Last night a kid on Syarcuse tried to trip him and the refs missed it. One of the announcers was carrying on how it was a dangerous and cheap thing to do. It was very humorous when the other announcer mentioned that Duke had a player very recently who used the trip as his signature defensive move. Oh the irony.

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