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Some random thoughts from a cluttered mind immediately after...

8 months 1 week ago #21206 by Kong
Grimes and Moore's shots are more often than not a turn over. Bad shots - just flat out bricks most of the time.

Agbaji had a play that turned in to a Charlie Moore shot... er... um... turnover. The shot went up there was a scramble for the ball and he broke back to play D. We got the ball and he came flying in for the rebound. Wound up with a Moore shot and heading the other way, but man he covered a lot of ground and made a fantastic play.

The first half Dotson and Agbaji were amazing and all in the flow of the game. Agbaji sort of went quite for a while in the second half though.

Mitch... wow... just wow. Got to love that guy.

Dedric mouthing off to the coach?!?!? what the heck was that about?

Speaking of the Lawsons, I find it kind of comical when KJ comes in to the game and starts directing players where to go as if he was the senior leader on the team.

I cannot understand why this team falls apart late in the game. We were in control and then we started falling apart and nearly lost the game. We seem afraid to win. It baffles me

We hot a HUGE win on the road. Now we have to hold home court and keep this train rolling.

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