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4 years 1 month ago #1156 by Wheatstate Gal
I am a flipping maroon. I did not know we were on CBS today. (rme). Thankfully I was able to record when I stumbled upon the game (score 24-4, good guys).....then back out the door for more errands and chores.

What IS it w Baylor And the day-glow numbers and letters???? Dark or white jerseys.....day-glow YELLOW GREEN #s and words.

We have a lot of Jrs on our team and one III. I must say I find Gaithers Sr very clever on his jersey! Proud papa. Is he ever gonna graduate (run out of eligibility)? :silly:

It's been awhile since I've seen such "beefy" bb players. Some of those Baylor players have some well developed upper bodies!

And yes, I still don't care much for Scot Drew, never have, never will (no particular reason, except don't like him or his rat face). :P

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