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Got another win tonight!

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5 months 2 weeks ago #20429 by HawkErrant
But Vick, as much as he contributed, almost killed the team for a second game in a row with 6 turnovers (team totaled 12) to go with the 7 he had against ISU.

I know we need his outside shooting, but he only made 2-7 tonight, and he needs to improve on his TOs, most of which were just plain low hoops IQ mistakes. If he doesn't, he may end up losing major playing time -- and he has been leading the team in minutes played.

School		Big 12		Overall	Pct.	
Texas Tech	3 - 0		14 - 1	.933	
Kansas		2 - 1		13 - 2	.867	
Iowa State	2 - 1		12 - 3	.800	
Texas		2 - 1		10 - 5	.667	
TCU		1 - 1		12 - 2	.857	
Baylor		1 - 1		9 - 5	.643	
Oklahoma	1 - 2		12 - 3	.800	
Kansas State	1 - 2		11 - 4	.733	
Oklahoma State	1 - 2		7 - 8	.467	
West Virginia	0 - 3		8 - 7	.533	
As of January 09, 10:03 PM CT

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5 months 2 weeks ago #20432 by KMT
Agreed re Vick - I kept screaming at him via the TV to the effect of "stop forcing it".

Not sure where all of a sudden he feels he needs to be the primary ball handler in certain situations - a quick look at his stats show that his avg/TOs per game (3.0) this year are higher than the last two years combined (1.6, 1.1).

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5 months 2 weeks ago #20435 by NotOstertag
I've commented elsewhere on this but I agree. He had half of our 12 turnovers last night. Think about that. UGH.

I get very uncomfortable now when he gets the ball. It seems that his thought process is to immediately look to launch a 3, but then he remembers Self saying something about not doing that right away. Wracked with indecision he'll dribble back and forth for a while and go nowhere, but slow down any offense that's been setting up. Finally with no other options he'll throw a questionable pass.

He appears to be regressing. As of tonight he's got a 2:3 assist/turnover ratio (30 assists, 45 TOs). Until the last 3 games he has 17 turnovers. Prior to that he was averaging 2.5 turnovers per game, and over the last 3 it's 5.6. That, combined with his falloff in shooting (I blame this on shot selection) and he's becoming a liability.

Here are the worst offenders for turnovers/minute:
Dok (.098 TO/min)
Vick (.088)
Grimes (.082)
D. Lawson (.071)
Dotson (.071)
KJ (.058)
Moore (.047)
Lightfoot (.045)
Garrett (.033)
McCormack (.030)

Teahan, Luinjstra, and Agbaji have yet to have a turnover. Vick's TO/Min for the last 3 games is a staggering .189 or roughly twice that of Dok's season average, and Dok generally has at least 2 or 3 guys hanging off him.

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