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More Annual Comparison and Trends

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5 months 2 weeks ago #19929 by CorpusJayhawk
OPP SHOT SELECTION: Now this one is interesting. Opponents are shooting 46.2% of shots from the arc. That is way way way more than ever. In the first 14 years under Self, KU opponents shit 33.9% of shots from the arc. This season it is almost 40% higher. That is crazy. Is it because we have shown a weakness in defending the shot? Is it purely the opponents we have played? Is it the evolution of the game?

BALL HANDLING: Good new folks. This team is starting the year on a great note in terms of ball handling which is crazy considering Dotson and Grimes are freshmen. This team has the lowest LOB (percent of possessions that result in TO) . Opponents steals are the lowest ever. We have 26 fewer TO's than opponents.

DEFENSE: Bad news folks. Our defense has not been stellar. Of course, the Wofford game defense was beyond stellar. I think this team will be a good defensive team when all is said and done.

POSSESSIONS: Our offensive efficiency is down from the crazy good numbers we have put up the last three years but above historical average of 1.105 points per possession. Defensive efficiency is better than the last two years but below historical average of 0.929 points per possession.

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