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Watch out, Lightfoot, McCormack might be my new fave....

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5 months 2 weeks ago #19918 by NotOstertag
No worries, Mitch, we'll always love you, but how about McCormack?!? 6 points in 5 minutes and 3 boards. Looked like he was involved either offensively or defensively in every possession while he was in. Also looked like he chugged a gallon of Red Bull before he got on the court. Total Energizer Bunny.

My favorite moment was when he blew a wide open dunk because he was too eager to catch the ball...then recovered it ,and got the putback on his own mistake. All within about 0.03 seconds, and before Woffard even knew what was going on. Kind of reminded me of going to the dog park and a pack of old mellow dogs are all hanging around sniffing stuff and suddenly a 6 month old lab puppy arrives and starts terrorizing the group at 200mph.

Ok, he DOES need to chill out a little bit. In contrast to Lawson who's double-doubles have all of the enthusiasm as the senior golf tour (I dare any human to stay awake watching Bernard Langer's pre-shot routine), it sure is fun to watch.

Somebody go get a bottle so we can capture McCormack's energy and sell it. A REALLY big bottle, btw.

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