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Some Fun Facts while we get ready for conference play

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4 years 1 month ago - 4 years 1 month ago #1087 by CorpusJayhawk
Bill Self has now coached 441 games at Kansas. In that time the Jayhawks have had an effective FG% of less than 35% three times.
-- 2015 Kentucky (22.3%)
-- 2014 San Diego St. (33.3%)
-- 2013 TCU (32.0%)
Worst in 2016 was Michigan St. - 37.2%

KU has never been a Mookie Blaylockesque type pilfering team nor have we been a super elite low TO type team. But we have typically had a decent net possession ratio (Steals/TO) above 0.55. The last three years that ratio has dwindled to 0.482. This stat equates to about 1.3 points per game penalty compared to if we had an average S/TO ratio. This season we are at 0.738 which nets us about 2 points per game above where we would be if our Stl/TO ratio was average and almost 3.5 points per game better than the last three seasons. It is amazing the results when you shoot well and protect the ball. After all, you can break the game into 4 basic categorical stats;
1. Points per possession - offense
2. Points per possession - defense
3. Net possessions - offense
4. Net possessions - defense
A net possession is a possession that ends in a shot attempt or FT's. If you can get more net possessions than your opponent that is obviously a good thing. If you have a higher PPP than your opponent that is obviously a good thing. We are doing both this season. We have always had a more efficient offense (PPP-Offense) but our defense and our ball protection has been our Achilles. This season we have no glaring weaknesses except one. We have not been a very good rebounding team. That is why after all the experimenting I expect Landen Lucas will get more minutes unless Diallo and/or Bragg can show they can learn to rebound.

The obvious lesson that has been cemented for me this season is the importance of having a tandem of good defenders and ball handlers in the backcourt. The last time we had similar ball handling stats overall was 2007 and 2008. Does anyone remember a couple backcourt players named Russell Robinson and Mario Chalmers. Mason and Graham are not those guys yet but they are sure close. I hope Self is learning the same lesson and we do not suffer the fate of the Elijah Johnson years when we had a pseudo PG and no top tier second ball-handler. I like our chances in the Big 12 this season largely because of our depth, flexibility and mostly our ball-handling. Of course our shooting is pretty good too.

Don't worry about the mules, just load the wagon!!
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