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Headache for Danny

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9 months 1 week ago #19095 by NotOstertag
Getting big coverage here in New York. Wake Forest assistant Jamill Jones has been charged with assault after punching a man who then fell down, hit his head, and died.

Apparently the victim, a 35 year old man, was in New York for a wedding. He called an Uber around 1am, and went outside to find it. He was apparently drunk and started knocking (pounding?) on car windows trying to ascertain which car/driver was his Uber. He knocked on Jones' car, Jones got out and confronted the guy, hit him and he died.

Lots of 20/20 hindsight here, but Jones probably has a pretty good case for self defense. Nevertheless, it's a tragedy and I'm sure everyone involved is devastated.

I haven't seen a comment from Danny on this, nor do I expect one. If anything, Wake Forest might release a comment pending how it works out legally. Nevertheless (and several orders of magnitude less) I feel bad that Danny has to deal with this as he certainly had nothing to do with it.

For the record, Jones has no reported history of violence or legal trouble that I've heard of and details on the victim are also pretty thin. Just sounds like a guy partied a little too hard, made some dumb decisions that put a couple people in a very regrettable situation. Not sure about where the rest of you live, but Uber has become the de-facto "tipsy taxi" service around where I live. Cabs are hard to come by in the suburbs, and people are very aware of not wanting to drive if they've been drinking. Uber drivers clean up on late weekend nights (financially and sometimes from messes that their customers leave behind).

Anyway, sad story with no winners.

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9 months 1 week ago #19099 by hairyhawk
"sad story with no winners"

I think that sums it up.

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