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7 months 1 week ago #18796 by HawkErrant
Ready and raring to go!

While experience will almost certainly - at least initially- give Charlie Moore the starting PG job at season’s beginning, Dotson seems a real threat to be top PG before the season is over.

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7 months 1 week ago #18797 by CorpusJayhawk
Maybe it is becasue as of May 16th my mind is a little more relaxed becasue I am sort of quasi-semi-retired or maybe it is becasue the reality is that KU is loaded for the upcoming season or maybe it is becasue I am a hopeless optimist by nature, but whatever it is, I rank my excitement of this upcoming season right there with 1997 and 2008. Maybe 1997 still edges it out (wow was that a loaded team) but this group has the potential to be unbelievably talented. Here is my player by player assessment in order of who I think will have the biggest impact.

Dedric Lawson — Could be high lottery pick. SOunds like a super mobile big who can handle the ball and create. He may enable us to run a 3 big lineup which could be devastating to opponents. Could be a 15/10 guy. Sounds to be a focused and steady guy who is coachable. Possibly AA candidate. This guy is going to turn some heads.

Udoka - I was surprised by his low body fat. This young man is ready to give 100%. He is focused and super coachable. He is on a mission to position himself for the NBA and I think will listen to Roberts and Self. His body will be stronger and more ready to pound the competition. I expect him step up his rebounding. He is ready for an all Big 12 year.

Quentin Grimes — Everyhting I have read about this kid screams “maturity”. He appears to be one of those kids that is motivated and ambitious but mature enough to listen to coaching. His talent seems to be off the charts. Shooting will be the big question but having a world class group to practice against day in and day out he will be three times the player he was in high school by November. Look for him to excite the crowd often.

De Sousa — He will push for a starting spot in a three big lineup. His already awesome physique will be chiseled by November thanks to Hudy. He is a quick learner and will make leaps and bounds improvement going against Dok, Lawson, McCormick and Lightfoot daily. He needed practice mates and boy does he have them now. Look for his trajectory he showed at the end of the season to be continued through the summer. Self may not be able to keep him out of the starting lineup.

Devon Dotson/Charlie Moore — I lump these two into a two headed monster. They will compete for the starting PG spot. They could be 20 minutes each unless one of them steps up in a big way. WHat a luxury. They can go 100% and not tire or worry about fouls. What a total luxury. I think they will turn some heads. Both seem coachable and focused.

David McCormack — This young man may be the most mature and ready player we have had in awhile. Not necessarily the most gifted but what a body and what an attitude. My all attitude team will be Mitch, David and Marcus. David says all the right things and reminds me a lot of Kirk Hinrich only with a much bigger body. High motor, high intellect, high drive. He will get minutes.

KJ Lawson/Mitch Lightfoot — Mitch could see some time at three. I will stay this. The person to surprise the most could be Mitch Lightfoot. I am not predicting it but kids with his drive and attitude often surprise. He could turn out to be a big surprise at the three. Can you imagine McCormack at the 5, Lawson at the 4 and Lightfoot at the three? Mitch is working hours a day on his shooting and ball handling. I love this kid and would love to see him excel. His competition is KJ Lawson. He has refined his game big time. He also sees the writing on the wall that his minutes will have to come at the three. He has been working to build that skill set. Between these two, we go 10+ deep easily.

Marcus — When you have a kid with his talent that could possibly be the 9th, 10th or 11th guy, that is crazy. If his shooting improves he could see significant minutes. I would not be shocked to see him redshirt. Given his defense and experience, he could be the third backcourt guy or the 4th. What a luxury.

Ochai — Mark my word, this kid will be significant before he leaves Kansas. I sort of hope he redshirts this year since we probably do not need him and that year would be super valuable in terms of his development. Great athlete and very much in the Mason/Graham late bloomer mold. Yes, I am saying he could be an AA by his senior year.

Cunliffe — I simply do not know what to say here. Seems to be worthy and obviously ahthletic. Bad decision making in many of his minutes last year but can contribute if called on. Not sure what the deal is with him.

All in all, this team stacks up with 2008 well and while on paper not quite as good as 1997 yet, could be there by the end of the year. Duke is loaded with Freshman and some talented returners as well. I think KU has a strong path to a NC.

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