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Coach Williams' Post-Game Comments
after Kansas 78, Kansas State 67
courtesy of Jack Alden

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"Kansas State played tough, and they should be contratulated for that, but I expected that. They played last Saturday and had a week off. They got tired of hearing about the streak, and as I've said many times, it's gonna end some day. I just ask each and every team to put it off for another year. Greg Gurley and Greg Ostertag wanted to finish with never losing here. But I think it's more of an incentive for the team that's going through the tough times, just like us at Lincoln. I think it was much more of an incentive for us to play well than it was for Nebraska to keep that string going. But it's important for us to play every day and not be concerned about what's happened in the past. We've got to play that day, and that's how we tried to look at today's game.

"I took a 20-second timeout and asked them, we've gotta play defense and everybody's got to be responsible. You're responsible for your man, you play your man, you do the best job. And then if you need help, have confidence your teammate is going to be there. But we have to take pride in our defense, and I didn't think we'd played well defensively until those last eight minutes of the game. We had rebounded the ball pretty well on our offensive end, but we hadn't kept them off their offensive boards. We got some baskets on second shots, but so did they.

"Greg (Ostertag) has a big size advantage in there and he used that. Jerod was important to us. Raef was. It was Kansas that was playing.

"I do feel good about that (20-3 for the fourth year in a row), but I'll think about that sometime on the first tee this spring. Right now we've got to think about what's best for this basketball team and trying to get this team ready to play basketball every night."

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