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Coach Williams' Post-Game Comments
after Kansas 91, Colorado 77
courtesy of Jack Alden

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"It was a war out there. It was very physical. Both teams played extremely hard. I said before the game that Joe's (Harrington, CU coach) team was much better defensively and more athletic (than previous years), and I thought they showed that. His halftime talk was a good one and mine was an awful one, because they came out at the start of the second half much more ready to play than we did. I took those five guys out and had some words with them. I put five other guys in, and I thought those five showed a little more fire. I've always said I'm not gonna be hesitant to take guys out if they're not hustling and not giving intensity. Then when I put them back in, I thought they were sensational for the next three or four minutes. We scored seven out of nine possessions, and that waas really good for us. And then down the stretch we made some silly plays. Joe's team kept coming after us, kept getting some turnovers and converting them on the other end. But for the most part I was very pleased except for the fist two, three, or four minutes in the second half.

"Sean Pearson was sensational. He took two shots I didn't like, but they went in. So I shut up and sat down and clapped on both of them.

"I thought Greg was active, but we had a huge size advantage on them. We tried to go inside a lot in the second half. My goal is always, I'd rather have layups or three pointers by guys who can shoot them. And for the most part in the second half that's what we got. But we did have a huge size advantage and tried to go use that."

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