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Coach Williams' Post-Game Comments
after Indiana 80, Kansas 61
courtesy of Jack Alden

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"I think Indiana was much more enthused, was much more aggressive, much more intense, and much more focused than we were. I don't have a good explanation for it except to say I didn't do a very good job having our team prepared to play. Every phase of the game we had breakdowns, and in the first half they tood advantage of it. They didn't even shoot a good percentage, but they kept getting every offensive rebound. They outrebounded us by 17 for the game. If I had to pick two things, first I'd say that I didn't have us prepared. And secondly I'd just say that they just dominated the backboards, and when they did miss a shot they were able to get the rebound and put it back in.

"We did make a nice run near the end of the game. But the day I sit over there on the bench and somebody's kicking our tail and we don't come back, then you'll see me walk out the next day. Our kids are always going to play to the very last, and they'll always try and they'll always make a run. We just gave them too many chances. And even while we're making that run, three straight possessions we do a great job defensively and they shoot the ball and miss it as the clock's running down, but they get the rebound. And you can't let that kind of thing happen. That just shows to me they were much more focused and intense than we were.

"I've always said for a basketball team to be the best team you can be, you've got to rely on your defense and your rebounding. If you have to rely on your outside shooting, you're going to have days like that. We didn't get the basketball inside, and when we did get it inside our post players weren't posted up low enough. Everything that could go wrong did."

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