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Coach Williams' Post-Game Comments
after Virginia 67, Kansas 58
courtesy of Jack Alden

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"First of all I just said this to Jeff (Jones, UVa coach) and Junior (Burrough) and Harold (Deane) down there, I apologize for making them wait. I think it's a little difficult, and maybe it's an NCAA rule they should look at, that says you've got to be here in 10 minutes. Sometimes you want to spend time with your team, and right now I want to spend more time with my team than I do with you guys (media). But I do apologize that Virginia's having to wait until I got here, and that's something that I'm going to operate within the rules whether I like it or not. But I do apologize to Jeff and his club and to you guys for making you wait.

"I congratulate Jeff and his club. I thought they outplayed us, outcoached us probably more than anything. They were extremely focused and ready to play the game. I challenged our younger guys in the locker room that I think a lot of that game was won over the last couple of summers in the weight room, because they were physically just so much stronger than we were. We wanted a certain position, and they didn't want us to have it. And they pushed to the spot they wanted us to be, and that's what we settled for, and that's not what we wanted to do.

"We didn't shoot the ball well, and I don't think you need to be a nuclear physicist to figure that out. And yet I still thought, the way the game was going, if we could just hang in there and hang in there and hang in there that the last couple of minutes we'd have a chance to win the game.

"One time, the shot clock's winding down, and they took a little bit of a hurried shot and it was an air ball. Greg Gurley was boxing out really pretty well, but because it was an air ball it went right to their player and they laid it up, and that showed the alertness that I think they had more than we did the entire night.

"This is a tough feeling. It's a feeling, to be honest with you , that I hope never gets easy. Because the day it gets easy is the day I walk away from this game. The kids that I've had this year are probalby the most fantastic group of kids that I've ever woorked with. I'm very proud of what they've accomplished. I'm very proud to say they represented the University of Kansas. But tonight Virginia beat our tails. And tonight nothing that we've done or nothing that they've done is going to make that feel any better."

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