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Coach Williams' Post-Game Comments
after Kansas 91, Nebraska 68
courtesy of Jack Alden

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"One of the things that makes this a nice win is I don't have to answer that stupid question about why we don't play well up here and why we don't win. I've said in the past the reason we haven't won was because Nebraska outplayed us. But tonight we played better.

"I think two things were really important. One, we got off to a good start, sort of took the crowd out of it. Then they made a tremendous run and went ahead, and our team still focused on what it was and came back and had a two-point lead at half. I didn't think we'd played that well, and I was a little discouraged because we hadn't gotten the basketball inside as much. Then in the second half we got off to a good start, got it inside a couple of times and then made some more shots. And let's be honest, down the stretch we were playing good defense, but they missed a lot of shots, too.

(Jerod Haase left the game briefly after being kicked in the head. He went to the locker room with KU trainer Mark Cairns.) "He (Haase) was the first one back out, and Mark was trailing him, and I said, 'What did he say?' He (Haase) said, 'I'm okay.' I said, 'Yeah, but what did he say?' Jerod would go out there and play if he could walk at all, but he said he could play. He's a heck of a competitive young man.

"I think it (shooting a school-record 27 3FGAs) just happened. We want the basketball to go inside, and it's not a mystery why because we've got that advantage. They tried to make it more difficult for us to get it in there. They played more zone than they've been playing recently. So what we tried to do was go inside. And one thing they do is when you throw it inside, they jam down, and I told our guys you got to make a move quickly or throw it back out. And I told our perimeter players, 'If you want a more open three-point shot, throw it inside first, because they do jam down and you're gonna be more open.' Thankfully, we made some of them, too."

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