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Coach Williams Post-Game Comments
after Kansas 69, Oklahoma 61

courtesy of Jack Alden

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"When you think about the last two games we've played against Oklahoma, they've scored 50 points and we wore 'em out with about 52 or 53. Kelvin's got a great deal of pride in how hard his kids play, and I take a great deal of pride in how hard our kids play. It's very seldom picture perfect basketball when we play each other, and I think that was another indication of it today. Both of us probably think that we're better on the offensive end than we are on the defensive end, but you can always be *pretty* good defensively if you compete as hard as both clubs did today.

"Jeff Boschee made a couple of jump shots (3's). I told him the other day he's got to start making some dadgum shots or he was going to make me look stupid for keeping putting him out there. But he's been doing a good job on the defensive end, he's got a great assist-to-error ratio, but he really helps our team when he makes shots.

"It was really a battle out there. It was almost like a war. We had attrition going on because we had Drew Gooden in such foul trouble, Kirk had more turnovers today than he's had in any three games together the whole season. But we made some shots. Eric Chenowith missed a bunch of shots, but he rebounded the heck out of it. Thirteen rebounds for Kenny and 15 for Eric were big for us.

"Luke did some good things for when he was in there (15 mins, only 2 FGA), and it's not just about shooting the basketball. Our rebounding down the stretch and our defense down the stretch were important to us. Kelly Newton really made some big hoops for 'em, especially that one right before the half. I didn't want it to give them too much motivation coming into the half. But it was just a workmanlike game.

"There were a lot of blocked shots by both teams. You look at all those stats, and it tells you that it's either two really bad teams or two teams really playing hard defensively, and I'm hoping it's two teams playing hard defensively.

"We'll enjoy it until midnight, then we'll start thinking about the next one, but it does feel good to get the first two (conference games), even though I've been on the other side of the ledger. One year we lost the first two and still ended up winning or tying for the conference championship, so we know we've still got a lot of games to play."

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